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Posted by: Yoma Oct 1 2017, 01:30 PM

I realize that most here probably beat him and finished the main quest before One Tamriel but i'm curious, for those who came here late, at what level did you beat Molag Bal?

I must admit, i'm somewhat of an altoholic and up until now, my highest level character had been below level 20.
That also means i have no CP points since i haven't reached level 50 yet with any of my characters.

So last weekend i decided to make a new character and see how quickly i could get her through the main quest and beat Molag Bal.
I went with a High Elf Pet Sorceress, a class that i find by far the easiest to play solo.
Your pet can tank and taunt boss enemies as well as heal you and you can stack two shields (Annulment and Conjured Ward) which makes for excellent surviveability.

The only outside help was a set of crafted level 20 Julianos gear (in blue) and some blue food i got from a fellow guild member.

By the time i was done with Molag Bal, i had just leveled up to 24. Looking back, i think it could have been done even quicker as i did get distracted a few times (shiny things!).
Realistically, i think somewhere around level 20 could be possible (without CP points).

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Posted by: Yoma Oct 1 2017, 01:31 PM


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Posted by: Yoma Oct 1 2017, 01:32 PM


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Posted by: SirAndy Oct 11 2017, 07:17 PM


Posted by: TheronRu Mar 4 2018, 06:24 AM

I believe I was 24 as well and I think you're right. It probably can be done quicker. But it's hard to resist straying off the ideal path, at least for me.

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