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Posted by: Jessabella Apr 17 2014, 09:22 PM

Posting here, because I know if I do via the normal forums I will be chewed to pieces even worse then Balreth. Also it's kinda a spoiler too so I thought this was a safer bet.

I am stuck on the Brothers of Strife (I think its the name). It was bugged in beta for me so I never finished it. I am now on the Balreth part, where you use the talisman to slow him down and defeat him.

But I am maybe bugged, Pressing "E" only results in the message "item Not ready" and Balreth just wanders into the lava and heals.

I think it's my build. I am a full magic Sorc, summon based. So right now I have no Ult, I found them more annoying then anything in beta so I do not plan to use it. It's just a wasted skill point now. Maybe at a higher lvl I will feel different. I also use a resto staff and really only have 1 "attack" for now. Since I know which skills I want to unlock later, I have not invested points into ones I will just get rid of.

My problem isn't dying, I can stay alive all day there, I just can not keep him still long enough to damage him. Is lvl 11 too low? Has anyone got this done and have some advice. I am thinking of just skipping it for now and maybe heading back later.

Posted by: Negative Apr 18 2014, 07:49 AM

From what I remember, DPS was key for him. As for my own personal experience when I fought him I was Pure DPS NB and smoked him very quickly. You might just want to wait until higher level unfortunately.

Posted by: SirAndy Apr 18 2014, 09:04 AM

It's been a while but i agree with Negative.

For me the talisman wasn't bugged and there was a certain timing that you had to get just right.

From memory:

When you first get there, don't use the talisman right away, wait for him to go to the lava first. Let him come out and away from the pools.
When he's somewhere close to the middle, use the talisman to slow him, hit him with everything you have and the talisman should be ready again before he can make it back to the lava.
You need to be able to use the talisman at least twice to have enough time to finish him.


Posted by: Jessabella Apr 18 2014, 09:37 PM

OK, well since my PC has been taken over by my bf for the weekend (stupid wildstar beta) I told him he had to at least try to get me past Balreth, lol. If he fails, looks like I will be back when I am like lvl 30 smile.gif

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