NOTE: At the moment most of the maps are still scans of my handwritten notes. I will compile the maps into layered Photoshop files as time permits.
NOTE: Most of these were mapped before the patch that changed the starter areas. I will update the maps as i replay those areas after launch.
NOTE: I make no claim that any of these maps are complete. I'm sure i missed a few things and stuff might have changed since. I'll keep these updated as i play along.

What is currently being mapped?
Qx - Quest markers for static NPCs that are quest starters (Dark quest arrows)(The number corresponds to the order i found the quests)
Sx - Skyshard locations (The number corresponds to the achievement order)
C - Outside chest locations (Also the ones inside open caves)
M - Mini anchors, aka dark fissures
. - Resource node locations (There are a LOT of these)
x - Rune node locations
x - Heavy Sack locations (These contain special crafting resources and runes)
Tx - Treasure Map locations (The number corresponds to the Map number)
B - Lore book locations
F - Fishing hole locations